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The evolution of live streaming over the past 2 years

Published at1 March 23
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The evolution of live streaming over the past 2 years


Live streaming has become an integral part of the creator economy over the past few years. It has allowed creators to connect with their audience in real-time and create engaging content. In the past two years, live streaming has undergone significant changes, driven by new technologies, social media trends, and the pandemic. In this blog post, we will explore how live streaming has changed in the creator economy over the past two years.

Driven by social media

Live streaming on social media platforms has become more and more popular over the last few years, with platforms adding in new features, encouraging creators to go Live and offering a unique experience to connect with your following. Live streaming is more true to life and a more personal experience however creators are not rewarded fairly by the big social platforms.

Better than ever!

Live streaming has become more professional over the past two-years with the more mainstream creators signing to bigger companies to live stream events and concerts. Concerts streamed via platforms during the Pandemic made artists realize that they can reach previously untapped audiences and easily reach their fans around the world.

Many creators are putting a huge focus on quality and raising the bar in terms of stream quality and production value. Continuously closing the quality gap between the creator economy and the entertainment industry. Open source software is now being used to add advertisements, loading screens, watermarks and overlays as well as mixing sound and visuals better than creators ever have been able to before. RTMP streaming tools can provide professional editing and production tools. Read here how to stream to Lounges.tv via RTMP.

The world’s gone virtual!

The Pandemic has accelerated growth of virtual events and live streaming has played a significant role in this. Many creators have started hosting virtual events including; concerts, conferences, workshops, competitions and many more. This has allowed them to connect with their audience and monetize their content, even at times when physical events have not been possible.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Platforms!

The creator economy is on fire and live streaming has become a primary choice of the revenue opportunity. Many platforms have introduced rewards systems, in-app currencies and gits where the users can send donations to creators. Alternatively, some platforms like Lounges.tv are offering pay-per-view or tip based content where the audience pays to support their favorite creators. Lounges.tv believe in simplicity - just pay your favorite creators for content, no subscriptions, no tokens, no gimmicks.

There is always a bigger fish!

With the rise of live streaming, competition has increased significantly over the past two years. Creators now need to produce high-quality content consistently to attract and retain their audience. But don’t be put off, you might feel like everybody only cares about the top 1% of creators, but Lounges.tv aims to level the playing field. You can start earning from viewer one, sign up here.

In conclusion, live streaming has undergone significant changes in the creator economy over the past two years. But things are only just getting started. Lounges.tv is building a creator-first structure where all artists, educators and content owners get the same treatment when it comes to rewards.

Join us on the journey here.