We are pleased to welcome Simon Cowell as part of Lounges.tv 🎉

Global music mogul Simon Cowell backs Lounges.tv

Published at27 October 23
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Global music mogul Simon Cowell backs Lounges.tv


We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you: Lounges.tv, your go-to platform for exclusive content from budding content creators, is proud to announce a game-changing partnership with the iconic Simon Cowell, the mastermind behind television hits like "Got Talent" and "X Factor.

Simon Cowell, renowned for catapulting talents like One Direction, Camila Cabello, Leona Lewis, and Labrinth to stardom, has teamed up with us at Lounges.tv to empower content creators like never before. This partnership marks a momentous shift in the world of content creation, offering creators a faster path to recognition and, most importantly, financial rewards.

The content creation realm has never been more vast, with a staggering 3.7 million new YouTube videos and an additional 34 million TikTok uploads daily. However, many creators struggle to break through and receive fair compensation for their hard work.

With Simon Cowell on board, Lounges.tv is set to redefine the content creation landscape, offering creators a chance to be recognised and fairly rewarded for their talents. Our partnership with one of the industry's most influential figures heralds a new era for content creation, making Lounges.tv the go-to platform for emerging stars. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to reshape the world of online entertainment.

Simon Cowell is a shareholder and ambassador for Lounges.tv and we are working closely to define some amazing new features that will change the game even further. Watch this space for some great new features, releases and announcement coming soon. In the meantime, get streaming and don't forget to invite all your talented friends too.

“I am proud to be involved with and to support Lounges.tv. You never know where the next great talent will emerge from and I really believe that creating as many opportunities as possible for talent to be discovered and to build their own fan bases is great for everyone.
The artists and the audience, rightly, are making 100% of the decisions and Lounges.tv is giving talent another new type of platform to promote themselves. I was really interested to learn that on Lounges.tv creators get paid within 24 hours and I thought that was a really good idea and hopefully will make a difference.”

Simon Cowell

Lounges.tv shareholder, ambassador and media personality