We are pleased to welcome Simon Cowell as part of Lounges.tv 🎉
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This is comedy for the virtual ageHarness Live & On-Demand Streaming to make money, grow your following and make the world laugh.

Go live

Your content

Your control

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Host live & on-demand content

Pay-per-view, free-to-watch and tips

You get 80% of all revenue

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How does it work?



Schedule a live stream or upload a piece of content for viewers to find.


Sell Tickets

You set the price for your content, your viewers pay to watch what they want.



Engage with your fans via chat two way streams and special interactions.


Get paid

You will receive an 80% revenue share, paid into you wallet within 24 hours.

Interact with your fans, seamlessly

Engaging streaming tools

Interact with your fans, seamlessly

Lounges.tv allows is building features that allow you to hear your audience’s reactions in real-time, so you know how well your jokes are landing. You can also interact seamlessly with your audience, helping you create energetic and unforgettable experiences. You can reach your existing and new fans at any time. Only with Lounges.tv.

Increased earning potential

Earn better revenue from your content

Here at Lounges.tv, we believe the current advertising-based revenue model is flawed. To make a living online, Comedians need to have millions of followers viewing ads. Our platform is different. We give Comedians the chance to grow their audience, reduce overheads, and keep more of their ticket sales. We pay 80% of ticket revenue within 24 hours. Just another reason to sign up!

Earn better revenue from your content
Re-watch your sets and hone your material

Live, re-watch, and on-demand

Re-watch your sets and hone your material

A comedian is only as strong as their material. But the cost of touring live events makes it harder for Comedians at all stages of their career to trial a new performance. Lounges.tv helps bridge that gap. Our streaming tools let you record your set so you can watch it again later to see which gags landed and which gags flopped. Learn from your past shows, improve your material, and test it out again in a (virtual) venue where you’re in charge. A more enjoyable way to earn than corporate gigs.

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