We are pleased to welcome Simon Cowell as part of Lounges.tv 🎉
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Schedule your loungeReady to host your own Lounge? Set the key details and design a thumbnail that'll catch eyes and sell tickets. Include all the details about when it's happening, what your going to be doing in your Lounge and the level of interaction you want with the audience. It's your time to shine!
Choose mic and camChoose your mic and camera. Make sure your mic is fully connected and your camera is clear and functioning. Don't worry, you'll be able to test the performance of both at any time and just before your Lounge begins.
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Go live and performShowtime! You'll be let into the Lounge and given the opportunity see the audience before they can see you. The audience's responses and reactions will all be visible, as well as their comments and cameras. If that's not your thing, an option to hide these features will always be available.
Interact with your audienceHave a face to face with any member of the audience you choose. Audiences tend to prefer Lounges where the performers interact with them. Want to debate with or let the audience join in on the performance? Use the face to face option to let them get in on the fun!
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Analyse your feedbackThe Lounge is over. You nailed your performance but want to know how you can improve for next time. The analytics section has just the thing for you. Look at visual trends for how you did over time and analyse key moments where viewership and engagements fell and increased. You'll also be able to see your most loyal fans.
Get paid within 24 hoursAfter a Lounges performance you'll be paid within 24 hours if you have a valid bank account attached to your account. Head to your wallet to see your performance summary for your last performance or for all time. Here you'll be able to pay collaborators and withdraw money into your bank account. Hard work pays off!
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