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Product Roadmap & Releases

Last updated 7 May 2024
We love to keep you all informed on the progress of the platform. As the team takes this platform forward into the stratosphere, you can help guide the ship. Tell us what you want, what is important, and what you want changed... we'll do our best to accommodate your ideas! In the meantime, enjoy yourselves and stream big!

Craig Gardner

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

The Roadmap

✅ Pay-Wall On-Demand & Live Streaming

✅ Two way Streaming

✅ Free Content with Tips

✅ 5 Minute Free Previews

✅ Viewer App iOS & Android Mobile App

✅ Music Licensing Collection & Payment

✅ Improved Stream Experience Layout

✅ Tipping on Creator Profiles

✅ VAT Registered Creator Registration & Payments

⭕ Full iOS & Android Mobile App

⭕ Advanced AI Moderation Features

⭕ Viewer Purchase History

⭕ Guest Checkout Flow

⭕ Sub-Genre Category Options

⭕ Showcase Competitions & Entries on Web

⭕ Co-promoting / Co-owning events

⭕ Smart TV Apps

Latest Releases

Web Release 1.36.0 // Tuesday 7th May 2024

  • Video Summary page update
  • Tip confirmation email sent to the viewers after the tipping journey is completed
  • Tip notification will stay in chat for longer duration
  • New & Better Chat Functionality for the users
  • Account Deletion Journey Updated.

Web Release 1.33.5 // Wednesday 14th Feb 2024

  • Stream experience is no longer muted by default
  • Corrected issues with sharing via social media
  • Fixed an alignment issue with the new thumbnail styles on Genre pages
  • Increased the size of control buttons on the Stream experience
  • Referral codes are now tracked across any page on the website, not just sign-up

Web Release 1.32.0 // Wednesday 24th January 2024

  • Additional protection against fraudulent wallet transactions
  • Added a filter so viewers can easily find free events
  • Added a notification so Creators can see when a viewer raises hand in the stream
  • Added a participant cap for Video On-Demand, to enable Stream Drops, exclusive content
  • Fixed a problem with Google Sign in effecting new sign ups
  • Fixed a bug with the stream keys email that is sent to creators before a stream
  • Follower count now increases in real time rather than having a slight delay
  • Fixed an issue effecting guests on two-way streams sometimes not being able to hear the host
  • Fixed an issue where updating the display name was not updating in real time.

Web Release 1.31.0 // Thursday 21st December 2023

  • New Home Page to describe the Lounges.tv product and everything we have on offer
  • Improved features and pricing page to explain benefits to potential creators
  • Improvements to the sign up page to make it easier for viewers and creators to join
  • Ability to view Showcase entries in the web, not just app
  • Suggested Templates option added to Create drop down with ideas and inspiration
  • Request one-to-one feature added to all profiles as another way of making money as a creator
  • Fixed an issue with the withdrawal flow to ensure creator payments are processed quicker.

Web Release 1.30.0 // Monday 11th December 2023

  • Tipping has been added to profiles, allowing creators to receive money outside of an event or video
  • VAT is no longer charged on tips, as it is an optional transaction it does not require viewers to pay VAT
  • Improved the layout of the pop-ups on mobile website
  • Fixed an interaction issue effecting viewer of free events who couldn't interact with the chat or join the stage.

Web Release 1.29.0 // Monday 27nd November 2023

  • All new viewing for hosting a stream with improved layout in one way and two way streams
  • Extra visibility in stream for tippers, including a tip leaderboard and top tippers
  • Improving the view for participating in a stream, with added flexibility on view options
  • Improved the layout of chat in the stream on mobile to give more space for typing and chatting
  • Added the ability to share the stream when you are already in the stream
  • Added a pop-out chat so creators can open it on a separate screen while streaming
  • Improved the withdrawal experience for international creators making requests
  • Fixed a series of reported bugs and suggested improvements from our creators and viewers.

Web Release 1.28.0 // Thursday 19th October 2023

  • Fixed a checkout issue for specific streams
  • Resolved an error when verifying email during sign up
  • Removed PRS calculation when editing a non PRS event
  • Fixed an issue where some users were stuck in a loop when joining a live event
  • Added missing audience members to the stream participant panel.

Web Release 1.27.0 // Thursday 12th October 2023

  • Restructure of the payment system, moving from 76% to 80% split for creators
  • Adding the ability to pay music licensing via the platform
  • Adding age restrictions warning to the stream previews
  • Adding a running balance to creator wallets
  • Increased transparency of pricing by adding a breakdown of earnings to the create forms
  • Streamlined withdrawal requests to be able to pay creators faster
  • Fixing some issues around ending the stream for creators and viewers.